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This wiki is about the Fairacre novels, written by Miss Read (real name Dora Jessie Saint).
Miss Read has written Miss Read has written 52 books since 1955, most of which describe life in an English village. There are two main series of books - one set in the downland village of Fairacre, the other in the Cotswold village of Thrush Green both of which provide a picture of life in an English village. Her books are gentle pictures of rural life - friendships, feuds, and changing seasons, eccentric characters and the natural world.

This wiki is intended purely for the enjoyment of the books of Miss Read. Copyrights belong to the author, illustrators, publishers etc.

This wiki was created on May 22 2011, so it is still very much under construction.
Content is constantly being added, and the design of the site is not finalized. Suggestions are welcome. For the moment, I have chosen to focus on the Fairacre books (my favourites) to start with, but hopefully this wiki will eventually expand to include all of Miss Read's books. Anyone who shares a love of these wonderful books is welcome to contribute.

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On other wikis, this might be titled 'errors'. It is undeniable that some books contradict information given in other books, but personally, I see such mistakes almost as old friends. The other reason for using the word 'quirks' is that it also includes such things as a crossword clue that is used repeatedly. Enter your own, but be kind!

Some words and expressions used in Miss Read's books may be confusing to readers in other parts of the world. A list of explanations can be found.

Miss Read's books include many references to other books, poems and hymns. Information about the sources of those quotations will be found in this section.

This could include anything from food and drink, to the flowers and plants described in the Fairacre novels.

Details about the books, author, publishers, illustrators, and other technical information like that.