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The series is mentioned in the February chapter of Village Diary, as stories that were read to the entire school while Miss Read was coping with both classes alone, her assistant being away with flu.

The 'Ameliaranne' books are about Ameliaranne Stiggins, who is the eldest child of six. Her mother takes in washing to earn a living, but her father is never mentioned. The books were written by a number of different authors, but always illustrated by Susan Beatrice Pearse, and published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. .

Below is the list of Ameliaranne titles, with author and publication year.

Ameliaranne And The Green Umbrella - Constance Heward (1920)
Ameliaranne Keeps Shop - Constance Heward (1928)
Ameliaranne, Cinema Star (later published as Ameliaranne And the Monkey) - Constance Heward (1929)
Ameliaranne In Town - Natalie Joan (1930)
Ameliaranne At The Circus - Margaret Gilmour (1931)
Ameliaranne And The Big Treasure - Natalie Joan (1932)
Ameliaranne's Prize Package - Eleanor Farjeon (1933)
Ameliaranne's Washing Day - Eleanor Farjeon (1934)
Ameliaranne At The Seaside - Margaret Gilmour (1935)
Ameliaranne At The Zoo - K.L. Thompson (1936)
Ameliaranne At The Farm - Constance Heward (1937)
Ameliaranne Gives a Party (aka Ameliaranne Gives A Christmas Party) - Constance Heward (1938)
Ameliaranne Camps Out - Constance Heward (1939)
Ameliaranne Keeps School - Constance Heward (1940)
Ameliaranne Goes Touring - Constance Heward (1941)
Ameliaranne And The Jumble Sale - Eileen Osborne (1943)
Ameliaranne Gives A Concert - Margaret Gilmour (1944)
Ameliaranne Bridesmaid - Ethelberta Morris (1946)
Ameliaranne Goes Digging - Lorna Wood (1948)
Ameliaranne's Moving Day - Ethelberta Morris (1950)